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Accelerate your cloud transformation with Delivery Navigator

Our goal at Google Cloud Consulting is to make it easy for our partners and customers to transform, create, and innovate on Google Cloud. Too often we find that cloud migrations and transformations aren’t as efficient as they could be because access to the latest and greatest tools, techniques, and ways of working aren’t known or easily accessible. This takes away from our partners’ and customers’ abilities to focus on what’s important to their businesses. 

Now imagine a world where that cloud transformation expertise—and other leading technical practices—are in a single place, at your fingertips, whenever you need them. That’s why today we’re announcing that we’re opening up our internal, integrated platform for delivering cloud projects, called Delivery Navigator, to our partners. You can learn more about the product in our 90-second overview video here.

Created by uniting Google technology and methodologies

We started building Delivery Navigator almost two years ago as a way for our practitioners to create consistent, repeatable, agile, high-quality experiences for our customers. By uniting our technology and our implementation methodologies based on thousands of projects, we’re providing our partners with the same methods and assets, so they can accelerate delivery readiness with customers. Specifically, we’re bringing together a library of transformation methods with project-management tool integration and telemetry, all supported by helpful features that leverage our in-house generative AI technology. 

Like many Google products, we believe that if we focus on the user, everything else will follow. This includes our ecosystem of delivery partners who deliver value to our customers every day. We know first-hand how difficult it can be to build momentum for your transformation when valuable time is being spent looking for the right template or tracking project hygiene. We also understand that each of our customers may experience these transformations differently, with different industry standards leading to variations in delivery approaches, nomenclature, and scoping estimates. Delivery Navigator aims to keep practitioners focused on driving creative solutions, innovation and other value-added customer outcomes, by:

Compiling standards, technical knowledge, and leading delivery practices: We want to save your teams time by making it easy to find standard, reusable delivery methods and code snippets for everything from establishing Cloud Foundations to building a Data Science Development Platform, reducing variability in scoping estimates and the need to start from scratch. We also think it’s important to establish a common vocabulary when talking about scope and deliverables with our partners and customers. 

Providing helpful project telemetry, so you can keep your team on-track: We want to help you mitigate delivery risk by enabling timely project visibility across key health performance indicators, while reducing the toil of generating a regular project status by using our standardized metrics and reports.

Integrating with your project management tools: Day-to-day, we want you to be able to manage your project, your way. Standard Delivery Navigator methods are designed to be connected into popular project management tools such as Asana, Jira, and Smartsheet, along with project health and status integration. We recognize every customer has their own tooling for project management, so we have built the solution to allow that to continue.  

Help us build a new cloud methodology community

We believe what’s good for cloud adoption, and the ecosystem at large, is good for us all. Our goal is to co-create value and great experiences for our customers, faster. Our vision is to ensure Delivery Navigator becomes a vibrant cloud delivery methodology community that includes our partners, and eventually our customers, too. We see the platform as a differentiated opportunity for Google, our partners, and our customers to come together, collaborate, share ideas, and drive continuous improvement into the cloud ecosystem. 

While initially the platform will contain a portion of our delivery knowledge, if you believe you have more to contribute, we’d love to talk to you about contributing to the breadth and depth of the content. Delivery Navigator will first open to partners through our public preview launch, scheduled for early Q4. 

You can learn more about Delivery Navigator and subsequent product launch phases on our Partner Advantage portal, or join our broader Partner Advantage program as a new user, here.

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