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A Roadshow Event Designed To Help You Unlock Your Data

Calling All Data Enthusiasts

Today, most companies only have access to data at the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Yet, the greatest value may come from the depths of your systems. Imagine the insights your teams can uncover when you unlock and integrate your data from all locations: On-premises, cloud, hybrid, and even mainframe.

To become a truly connected enterprise, you must find ways to unlock your most valuable data. StreamSets is presenting a roadshow that pulls data experts together to discuss and discover innovative ways to free and utilize data. 

A Data Roadshow for Everyone 

The StreamSets Roadshow is a traveling in-person event designed for professional data enthusiasts. The purpose is to create unique data-focused learning and networking opportunities through engaging dialogue with peers and building meaningful connections with industry thought leaders.

Topics vary per city but appeal to a wide audience focused on generating more value from enterprise data. The theme is “Unlock your most valuable data”.

The StreamSets Roadshow will visit the following cities in 2022, with more to come in 2023. For a limited time, use the discount codes listed next to the city names to register for free.  

November 1: San Francisco Bay Area (ROADSF00)
November 3: New York City (ROADNY00)
November 17: Dallas (ROADDAL00)

Find out if a SteamSets Roadshow will be coming to your area.

Who Should Attend the StreamSets Roadshow? 

The StreamSets Roadshow is perfect for any data enthusiast ready to help their organization unlock their most valuable data and bring it to life. The event will offer two tracks in each city. One track is designed for executives, director level and above; the other is for data practitioners like data engineers, architects, and scientists. After the morning’s combined keynote and networking sessions, the two tracks will diverge.

Data Execs Participate in a Roundtable Hosted by the Keynote Speaker 

During this half-day executive track, data leaders will be inspired by the keynote presentation and discover ideas for next steps they can take to solve data challenges. The theme is “Becoming a connected enterprise”. On that note, data leaders from midsize to large enterprises will share best practices and transformational insights. You will hear from the industry’s leading data minds, including Simon Rogers (Google), Doug Laney (Infonomics author), Bill Kleyman (Switch), and John Masterson (Ad Astra).

Keynote topics include:

The Power of Data Stories
Infonomics: The New Economics of Information
Our Digital Society and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: All Powered by Data
How AdAstra Increased Agility and Customer Value with StreamSets

Then, through a guided roundtable discussion, you’ll learn from what your peers are doing and also have the opportunity to share your expertise. The event is capped with a networking lunch. This track is a great way to benchmark your ideas and strategies and discuss data challenges and opportunities in designing a roadmap to scalable and repeatable analytics.

Data Engineers and Architects Get Hands-On in a Workshop 

This full-day track‌ is designed for data engineers and data architects looking to deliver value from locked-up data. The morning will kick off with breakfast, followed by presentations with actionable best practices from special guest speakers who have data flowing between systems. Presenters include industry leaders from Google, AWS, Ad Astra, Avaap, Continual, and more.

Topics include:

Democratizing Data Engineering
Large Volume Data Replication from MySQL to Snowflake
Success with Modern Data Architecture
Harnessing the Power of ML for Operational Excellence of Data Lake
The Case for Declarative Machine Learning

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with local data engineers and architects to exchange data knowledge. Then you’ll get hands-on with the Data Pipeline Exploratorium workshop (bring your laptop to participate and see this pre-event setup requirements document here). 

Take your data integration to the next level with this interactive workshop that walks you through automatically updating, work saving, and schema-agnostic pipelines. You’ll dig into (and take away) four data pipeline patterns from simple ingestion to complex, slowly changing dimensions.

Modernize Your Enterprise Data

The StreamSets Roadshow is ideal for professional data enthusiasts ready to unlock data’s value to help support your organization’s move toward becoming a truly connected enterprise. You’ll leave the event with new connections, excited about the possibilities of hybrid data integration, and armed with ideas from industry leaders and your peers. 

Space is limited for this intimate data event, so save your spot today.

Learn More and Register Today


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