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5 Google Cloud Next ’22 sessions on Cloud FinOps Cost Optimization

Google Cloud Next ‘22 kicks off on October 11 and is one of our favorite times of the year because it brings together a global community of builders, innovators, developers, learners, and leaders shaping the future of cloud computing. 

Packed with 24 hours of in-person and global digital broadcasts, you’ll find content and experiences to help you face your cloud challenges head on. But with all that Next ‘22 has to offer, you may be wondering where to begin. 

If you want to learn from industry experts and real-world customers on how to optimize your costs on Google Cloud and create efficient solutions to maximize your value, then look no further than the following five Next ‘22 sessions – a specially curated playlist of sessions from the Google Cloud FinOps Digital Transformation Practice.

Cost Optimization in the cloud: best practices for startups (INV113)

With the current state of venture capital investment, it’s more important than ever to maximize your cash on hand and extend your runway. In this session, we’ll take a look at the current investment landscape and offer best practices and tips to keep the doors open until the market opens up again.

Learn more on how Nuro partners with Google Cloud to plan, measure, and create an actionable plan to optimize its cloud spend and drive cost efficiency with Google Cloud FinOps leading practices.    

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Top 10 ways to lower your costs on Google Cloud (MOD103)

Worrying about cloud costs? In working with hundreds of Google Cloud customers, we curated a list of the top 10 cost optimization techniques to optimize Google Cloud services, including Compute Engine, BigQuery, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Storage and more. 

Listen to real-world stories on how General Mills approached the discipline of cost savings at scale and accelerated their adoption of Cloud FinOps. This session also covers exciting new features and announcements coming out the week of Google Cloud Next!

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Additional resources:

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Best practices for optimizing Google Cloud costs

Optimize for reliability, innovation and cost-efficiency with GKE (OPE201) 

In this session we will explore the best practices required to continuously deliver business value by running reliable, innovative, performant, and cost-efficient applications on Google Kubernetes Engine. You will learn how to leverage metrics from Google Cloud, as well as tips and tricks to lower your Kubernetes costs by mastering cost optimization signals. 

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Additional resources: 

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Automating the solution to cloud cost optimization (PAR18)

Effective cost management is key to continued acceleration and innovation in the public cloud. Learn from customers like Taboola on how they are partnering with DoiT International to implement cloud cost optimization using automated technology like Flexsave from DoiT. 

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Additional resources: 

Google Cloud Partner: DoiT International

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Five best practices for reducing Google Cloud costs (PAR31)

Learn more about tools and techniques such as Recommender services, BigQuery Flex Slots, advanced billing reports, and VM maintenance policies. In this session, ROI training will show you how these tools and best practices can have a massive impact on lowering your Google Cloud spend.  

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