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5 companies, 1 clear path to cloud success: RISE with SAP on Google Cloud

The practical benefits of migrating SAP systems to the cloud aren’t lost on most businesses. Running SAP in the cloud lets companies simplify tasks, scale quickly, and reduce costs. But as a growing number of organizations are discovering, the cloud is more than the sum of improved processes and workflows. It offers unique and powerful ways to transform an enterprise.

That’s because the cloud is more than a technology. It’s a foundational layer for business and IT transformation. In the best scenario, it unleashes exponential gains that fundamentally change an enterprise. Organizations achieve greater agility and resilience, and they’re equipped to innovate and disrupt like never before.

RISE with SAP and Google Cloud sit at the intersection of these possibilities. RISE with SAP helps organizations embark on the cloud migration journey with minimal risk and on their own terms. Together with Google Cloud, it enables a more advanced framework for a move to the cloud. Think of RISE with SAP on Google Cloud as business-transformation-as-a-service.

Companies move their SAP systems to the cloud for very clear and compelling reasons: 44% say it fuels digital transformation, and 43% are looking to build out a modern IT infrastructure to lower costs and simplify processes. RISE with SAP on Google Cloud takes direct aim at these challenges.

MSC Industrial Supply Co., a premier North American distributor of metalworking and maintenance, repair, and operations products and services to industrial customers views RISE with SAP on Google Cloud as a way to make its IT systems and the business more flexible and scalable by expanding data access in the cloud. With approximately 2 million products and more than 6,500 associates, that’s no small task for the Melville, New York, company.

In June 2021, MSC successfully migrated to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition, running on Google Cloud infrastructure. Through RISE with SAP, MSC adopted cloud resources that were both reliable and scalable, without any disruption to its business operations. Advanced data analytics, machine learning, and other AI capabilities are now available to MSC.

At the center of this transformation is BigQuery, with which MSC data scientists can pinpoint business insights among vast and complex data sets from diverse sources, including Ads, Maps, Shopping, or the Google Marketing Platform. The net effect is significantly less time needed to manage and analyze rich data sets. 

Energizer Holdings Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of primary batteries (think Energizer Bunny), portable lights, and auto care products, has turned to RISE with SAP on Google Cloud to power its move to SAP S/4HANA. The company wants to automate essential business processes, improve customer service, and boost innovation. It had been using a private cloud solution but needed to gain flexibility while better containing costs. 

After migrating through RISE with SAP on Google Cloud, Energizer is able to share data and intelligence to keep teams better informed. The framework has also helped contain costs and support business growth through reduced licensing costs and a more economical and efficient SaaS model.

Inchcape plc, the leading multi-brand automotive distributor for Toyota, Mercedes, BMW and others, is turning to RISE with SAP on Google Cloud to take its business-critical sales, marketing and operations systems, and data into the cloud. Doing so will allow the UK-based company to join a diverse range of datasets into a centralized, secure, and scalable platform for the first time.  

With operations in over 40 markets and geographies, Inchcape has complex logistics requirements. Google Cloud supports and offers the types of advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities the company requires for today’s complex manufacturing environment.

GCP Applied Technologies Inc. (GCPAT) is dedicated to the development of high-performance products and the advancement in construction technologies, simplifying the complexities of construction worldwide and delivering value to its customers. As a part of their business transformation initiatives, the company was looking to move from an on-premise data center to a more modern framework that can keep up with evolving demands. GCPAT considered various solution options like non-cloud colocation, but ultimately opted to move to the cloud through RISE with SAP on Google Cloud.

The platform provides a resilient foundation for accelerating business process improvement and innovation while optimizing maintenance and licensing costs. With the ability to deliver transformative solutions across the enterprise, GCPAT is now well-positioned to handle the pace of business change.

Veolia is an international company with nearly 180,000 employees across the globe and activities in three main service and utility areas: water management, waste management and energy services. Veolia, which aims to become the benchmark company for ecological transformation, was looking to digitize its processes and operations with a modern, cloud-based enterprise management system. Fundamental to Veolia’s success is its ability to continually roll out new, digital services to its industrial and municipal clients, so the company needed an enterprise management system capable of adapting quickly as the company’s business model evolves.

Veolia Poland upgraded to S/4HANA Private Cloud Edition on Google Cloud through RISE with SAP. Not only has the company been able to take advantage of a simplified, fully managed, and shortened cloud implementation, it has also been able to extend its existing Google environment, including BigQuery, to place data at the center of its digitization strategy and develop predictive capabilities using Google Cloud AI.

4 steps to cloud success 

These successful transformation stories share four key characteristics in common. 

Low-risk path: Each enterprise reduced its risk of migrating to the cloud while speeding up time-to-value. Subject matter experts from Google Cloud and its partners guided each enterprise through the transition, and they were able to take advantage of incentives to defray infrastructure costs through the Google Cloud Acceleration Program. 

Near-zero downtime: By increasing SAP application availability with Live Migration, our success stories dramatically reduced planned outages due to infrastructure and maintenance updates, down to less than 1 percent. 

Room to innovate: With advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities, these enterprises are improving processes, reducing costs and driving new revenue streams. Additionally, they have the ability to experiment with modern applications faster and more securely using their SAP data with Apigee. 

IT sustainability: By moving SAP applications to smarter and more efficient data centers, these success stories instantly reduced their IT emissions, while eliminating guesswork. Now, they can set goals based on seamless, agentless assessments and track progress with Google Cloud tools, analytics and reporting capabilities. 

The engine of progress for cloud migrations

RISE with SAP on Google Cloud delivers a modular and low-risk path to the cloud for organizations at various stages of the migration and transformation path by clearing roadblocks and using performance indicators and industry benchmarks to pinpoint the best place to start. 

The result? Reporting that’s 100x faster, as well as embedded AI technology, real-time advanced analytics, streamlined data display, consumer-grade UX across devices, strong sustainability, and a 50% reduction in a company’s data footprint. In practical terms, all the numbers add up to a simple but profound conclusion: RISE with SAP on Google Cloud is an engine of progress for organizations looking to gain an advantage in today’s highly competitive business environment.

To learn more about RISE with SAP on Google Cloud click here.

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