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4 pillars of Google’s secure enterprise browsing strategy

Even before the recent mass shift to remote and hybrid work models, the web browser had begun to evolve from the primary web access point to a crucial security layer. Securing enterprise web browsing is vital to the security posture and requirements of many organizations. Google Chrome, which is used by billions of people, is at the forefront of that evolution.

What is secure enterprise browsing?

A secure enterprise browsing solution should start with a browser with built-in security, extension security, adaptive management, malware and phishing protection, and security reporting. Organizations that want to take a more active approach may consider adding on data loss protections and Zero Trust access controls. (Google Chrome does all of those things and more, which we’ve explored in recent blog posts.)

We often get asked questions about Chrome’s approach to enterprise browser security and the different factors organizations should consider as they’re evaluating a browser for work. Chrome’s approach to secure enterprise browsing is based on these principles:

Flexible: There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to browser security. There are many different types of employees, work styles, and technology needs. IT and security teams can use their preferred on-premise tools to set and enforce policies or manage Chrome from the cloud through Chrome Browser Cloud Management. Cloud management adds the added advantage of visibility and reporting into the browser environment. 

When combined with BeyondCorp Enterprise, Google’s Zero Trust access solution, businesses can activate data loss protections and Zero Trust access controls right in Chrome. These customizable policies can be configured to fit specific needs, giving enterprises the flexibility to protect their different user groups no matter how and where they work. 

Productive: Google’s secure enterprise browsing solution has threat and data protection built into Chrome. It is more stable and performant than security solutions that are not integrated into the browser. It also improves IT and security teams’ visibility into browsing risks since browser-based security solutions have more contextual information on user activities within the browser and have more accurate security alerts.

Additionally, hundreds of millions of users already love and use Chrome during their workday. Because of its built-in security capabilities, Chrome users are protected while taking advantage of the productivity features, such as grouping browser tabs, jumping back to previously visited searches and pages, and more. Because they are familiar with Chrome already, they can get a secure enterprise browsing experience that doesn’t compromise their ability to get work done quickly and safely. 

Easy to integrate: Organizations can seamlessly integrate other tools and platforms with Chrome’s security insights for further investigation. Whether you’re using Google Cloud Pub/Sub, Google Chronicle, or third-party solutions such as Splunk or Crowdstrike, you can set up the integration in just a few simple steps

Another option is simply deploying BeyondCorp Enterprise for additional data protections and Zero Trust access. Added bonus, if your organization is already using Chrome, you don’t need to install additional agents, making it easier to roll out and start protecting your workforce quickly. 

Cost efficient: There is no cost associated with Chrome or Chrome Browser Cloud Management. That means you can start applying group policies, managing and securing extensions, gaining visibility into your browser fleet, and more, within your organization at no additional costs. And for organizations who want to take a more advanced approach to browser security for all or some of their users, BeyondCorp Enterprise is ready to activate and use right within Chrome. 

Google continues to invest in secure enterprise browsing so businesses can get the degree of protection they need from Chrome and the Google Cloud ecosystem without having to install another browser or agent. Learn more about our secure browsing solution at our presentation at our free Google Cloud Security Talks on Dec. 7. We also encourage you to check out the Chrome Insider event on Dec. 8 for tips and best practices on Chrome’s management and security capabilities.

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