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12 ways to slash your cloud costs

The cloud began as an economic proposition. Servers are expensive and so are the air conditioned rooms and the fat internet connections that servers need to thrive. Why not just rent them and stop paying the big bills for hardware and the staff to care for it? The big cloud data centers can save on scale and then pass this savings on to the rest of us.

Now more than a decade later, those slices have started to add up. Companies are easily spending millions of dollars on these tiny instances. The list price may be a few pennies per hour, but the developers use so many that the total sends the CFO grasping for heart medication.

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Here are 12 different options to start saving. Some involve substituting cheaper parts. Others involve cutting out some parts altogether. Many involve improving communications so the developers and devops team can make more financially savvy decisions. None are perfect. All of them involve trade-offs. None of them work for every situation. But all are worth considering.

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