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11 Ways You Win with ChromeOS Flex

It’s estimated that cyber crimes will cost $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.1 How are you planning to protect your business from this growing threat? Traditionally, upgrading to the latest available operating system has been a viable way to reduce the chance of an attack, but with hundreds of millions of Windows 10 devices losing support soon because they are ineligible for the newest version of Windows, finding a way to keep these PCs secure and sustainable should be a top priority. With ChromeOS Flex, businesses can install a new, auto-updating operating system on their existing fleet of Windows devices. This modernizes devices, extending their lifespan and keeping them out of landfills, reducing their attack surface, and saving on hardware refresh costs.

In this article, I’ll share how your organization can win in 11 different ways with ChromeOS Flex.

ChromeOS Flex is the cloud-first, fast, and secure operating system for PCs and Macs

1. It’s secure

ChromeOS Flex is built with security as a first principle, not an afterthought. Features like data encryption, automatic updates and sandboxing help protect against malware and other online threats. IT controls prevent data loss on lost or stolen devices, and regular security updates provide a continuous line of protection. Best of all, as of today, ChromeOS Flex has never had a successful reported ransomware attack, and upgrading your devices with ChromeOS Flex eliminates the need for antivirus software, saving your business on application and management costs!

2. It’s familiar

If you’ve used Chrome Browser or have Google Workspace, ChromeOS Flex will be a natural addition to your organization. They use the Chrome web browser as their principal user interface, and all three services can be managed from the same Google Admin console as well.

3. It increases productivity

ChromeOS Flex is designed to be fast and efficient, helping your team be more productive. ChromeOS Flex devices boot quickly, don’t slow down over time, and update in the background every four weeks. If you’re starting to notice your Windows or Mac devices slow down or struggle with compatibility issues, ChromeOS Flex can bring them back to life.

4. It’s easy to manage

Modernizing your Windows and Mac devices with ChromeOS Flex gives you the power to effortlessly manage them from the Google Admin console. IT admins can easily configure, deploy, and manage any number of devices remotely.

5. It works with your business applications

With ChromeOS Flex, you can feel confident deploying third party solutions. Gain access to a wide range of Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution partners that have been validated by Google, so you can choose third party products that are best for your ecosystem across security, kiosks, healthcare, and many more. You can also stream legacy Windows and productivity applications that are seamlessly integrated into the ChromeOS experience with virtual app delivery.

6. It’s flexible

The ChromeOS team has certified nearly 600 devices for ChromeOS Flex, meaning almost any device you have deployed will work seamlessly with ChromeOS Flex installed! Whether you need to modernize devices for your IT team, your back office, or front of house employees, ChromeOS Flex is a solution that can handle the job. You can boot up your device from the USB drive to experience ChromeOS Flex without erasing your existing operating system, and when you’re ready, ChromeOS Flex can be installed at no cost in as little as 5 minutes.

7. It reduces IT support costs

ChromeOS Flex is a low-maintenance, reliable operating system, reducing the need for IT support. Google provides regular software updates and security patches for ChromeOS Flex, ensuring your old devices remain supported for many years.

8. It reduces hardware costs

ChromeOS Flex can be installed on your existing hardware, reducing the need to purchase new devices. Whether your devices have run into security issues and become compromised, are starting to slow down, or are not eligible for upgrades to new OS versions, ChromeOS Flex can keep your devices up and running.

9. It prevents devices from becoming e-waste

ChromeOS Flex can help to extend the lifespan of existing hardware, reducing the need for frequent replacements and preventing devices from heading to landfills. Extending the usable lifespan of your older computers reduces electronic waste and is a sustainable choice.

10. It’s energy efficient

Devices running ChromeOS Flex consume 19% less energy on average than other comparable operating systems.2 That means installing ChromeOS Flex on your devices is not only good for the planet, it’s also good for your bottom line.

11. It’s perfect for businesses of any size

ChromeOS Flex, with its simple management and security features, is a scalable solution ideal for businesses looking for a cost-effective and easy-to-manage operating system. Whether you’re managing devices for a smaller business on the path to growth or an established enterprise, ChromeOS Flex can support you.

Providing a modern, reliable experience for your employees shouldn’t require you to replace your perfectly good device fleet. If you want to improve device security, keep your existing fleet out of landfills, and save your business on refresh costs in the process, you should give ChromeOS Flex a try! Best of all, you can get started in as little as 5 minutes and at no cost here.

ChromeOS is a cloud-first operating system with built-in security, powerful device management, and devices to fit any business need, large and small.

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2. Sutton-Parker, J. (2022), ‘Quantifying greenhouse gas abatement delivered by alternative computer operating system displacement strategies’. 1877-0509. Procedia Computer Science, Volume 203, 2022, Pages 254-263. Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Science Direct, Elsevier B.V.

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