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Yugabyte Cloud offers database scale AND transactional consistency

Peanut Butter and Jelly. Infinity Gems and the Infinity Gauntlet. Server Virtualization and Shared Storage. Holidays and Cookies (ok, maybe that’s just a personal preference). We all love to find a combination of products, foods or technologies that effortlessly fit together to make our lives better. And when it comes to technology, there’s nothing better than finding a solution that (a) just works together, (b) makes our lives easier, and (c) helps us solve a clear challenge we face.

As applications are rebuilt and modernized in today’s cloud native world, the underlying database can be that next challenge standing in our way of success. Maybe you’re already there. Are you one of the many struggling to make your legacy database fit with microservices or maybe you are already searching for a new modern database?

At Yugabyte we believe there is a critical need for a modern, distributed database that bridges the capabilities of the last two waves of databases. We have built a 100% open-source distributed database that combines the consistency and reliability of classic relational databases with the cloud scale and flexibility of NoSQL databases.

Yugabyte founder Karthik Ranganathan discusses YugyabteDB and why it’s time to rethink the data layer.

Eliminate Tradeoffs with Distributed SQL 

While a wave of open-source communities and innovations have made it easier and more compelling to build cloud native apps and microservices, those rapid advances have led to the next need: having a modern data infrastructure supporting those microservices that is both reliable and flexible. 

Databases—a critical component of any application—are no exception. But over the past decade we’ve seen a fundamental schism: on the one hand, we still have relational databases with traditional qualities such as consistency and ACID transactions; and on the other, NoSQL databases have grown in popularity for the cloud by relaxing asset constraints and consistency in order to deliver scale and geographic distribution.

YugabyteDB uniquely combines the best of SQL and NoSQL databases while delivering an open-source database ready for Google Cloud and whatever else the future may bring.

Our vision forYugabyte is to remove friction from your app modernization journey with a database that bridges these two sides. We have taken our learnings from designing critical databases for massive cloud companies and combined the best of both of these models with a 100% open-source, distributed SQL database technology,YugabyteDB. As a result, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a Postgres-compatible database that combines advanced RDBMS capabilities and familiar query languages (SQL & Cassandra) with the resilience, scale, and geo-distribution capabilities of cloud native databases. No more tradeoffs. 

Modern Postgres at Google Scale

Thanks tothe Google Cloud global reach and strong partnership model, you can now deliver a distributed SQL solution wherever you (or your customers) are without the operational overhead of managing a database cluster. Built on Google Cloud, Yugabyte Cloud offers our advanced database capabilities in a fully hosted version. 

The combined Google and Yugabyte solution delivers key innovations that can help you in three key areas:

Instant productivity: Create and connect to an infinitely scalable, resilient, Postgres-compatible database in minutes. No software to install, configure, or manage. And why does that matter? You don’t need to learn/program a new database language and can rely on experienced cloud operations team to handle day-to-day tasks.

Built-in security & resiliency: Effortlessly protect data in Yugabyte Cloud using native features such as identity and access management, key rotation, database access logging and audit, VPC peering, network isolation, and turnkey encryption. In addition, ensure high availability and resiliency with daily backups, continuous availability, built-in replication, monitoring and data encryption. Combine these with Google’s best-in-class security to protect the infrastructure and database, and you can reduce your company’s risk (and hopefully sleep better and longer at night).

Global freedom: Deploy a database anywhere in the world or wherever your apps and users are. Yugabyte Cloud is available in over 30 regions with 15 more to come online soon. You can enjoy this flexibility without sacrificing performance thanks to the lightning-fast Google Cloud network, while Google CloudVPC means developers aren’t restricted to working in a single region.

At Admiral, our cloud native application runs in Google Cloud across 5 regions in 3 continents. YugabyteDB on GCP is a solid technical choice that meets all of our key requirements, including massive scale, high performance, low latency reads, and cloud native out-of-the-box James Hartig, Admiral Co-Founder

Embracing an Open, Hybrid World

Google and Yugabyte share a vision for delivering complex solutions in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment. With native support forGoogle Kubernetes Engine (GKE) based deployments you can easily ‘build once’ and run anywhere. 

Containerized data workloads running on Google Anthos and GKE offer several advantages over traditional VM and bare-metal IaaS-based data workloads, including:

Better cluster resource utilizationPortability between public clouds and on-premises environmentsSelf-service infrastructure experience with seamless scaling on demand during peak trafficSimple and selective instant upgrades and rolling upgrades with zero downtime

We are partnering closely on industry solutions in order to help you effortlessly use the power of Kubernetes, Anthos and YugabyteDB to provide a consistent managed Kubernetes experience across cloud and on-premise infrastructure. 

For example, retail organizations can now build real-time fraud detection capabilities that can reliably and accurately flag counterfeit transactions at the point of sale – including fake currency, credit cards and checks and counterfeit identities. Modern fraud detection capabilities rely on data analytics and machine learning applied to transactions and other data collected in stores. The data from remote systems is sent back to the cloud based core for analysis and model training. The trained model is then sent back to the retail edge to be applied in real time to transactions.

Example of YugabyteDB + Google Anthos fraud detection configuration for a retail company

Strong Support from Google Cloud Ecosystem

Building a future proof data layer is critical to any modern business. It’s important to do your homework and make sure you are selecting the right solution for your unique business challenges. We believe the combination of Yugabyte and Google Cloud are well situated to make a huge impact on many of those challenges you face today. We are also fortunate to have the support of a powerful ecosystem to help make that journey easier—and to help give you the confidence to get started today. 

As a Google Cloud Managed Services partner known for its robust cloud tools, support, training and advisory services, DoiT International helps customers to tackle complex problems of scale. Yoav Toussia-Cohen, CEO at DoiT International, says, “It’s exciting to be a part of enabling Yugabyte’s rapid growth and support their multi-cloud strategy. Through ourISV Go-Global program, we are also able to offer Yugabyte expanded go-to-market channels as they continuously launch new services and scale their business on Google Cloud.” 

We’re already seeing strong demand for YugabyteDB on Google Cloud. Ramachandran Padmanabhan, VP, Cloud Transformation atWipro says, “YugabyteDB is the database of choice for developers looking to modernize legacy RDBMS environments and delivers a powerful combination for enterprises who demand resilience, scalability, and geo-distribution. Yugabyte is building a database modernization practice to help customers with their digital transformation efforts.”

Yugabyte has also been able to take advantage of theGoogle for Startups program, which acted as a springboard for bringing Yugabyte Cloud to market at scale, helping us to accelerate while optimizing for efficiency and growth. In short, Google Cloud and its partners have acted as an extended team, providing us with invaluable guidance as we take the next generation of SQL technologies to enterprises across the globe.

Transforming businesses and the customer experience

Above all, Google Cloud helps us to level the internet playing field and deliver you innovative, “better-together” solutions for your modern applications. Think about the smoothest retail experience you get from a big-name online retailer, and now imagine that experience available to any online business however large or small. That’s the future that we envision, where the opportunities of technology are more evenly spread, transforming businesses and the lives of their customers. Google Cloud, thanks to its global reach, helps us to deliver that opportunity worldwide, which we truly hope can enable you to more easily succeed in your business goals.

If you want to learn more about how Google Cloud can help your startup, visit our pagehere to get more information about our program, and sign up for our communications to get a look at our community activities, digital events, special offers, and more.

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