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Why you’re getting cloud security wrong

The Cloud Security Alliance, in partnership with security company BigID, released the results of a survey of 1,500 IT and security professionals. They all weighed in on the state of cloud data security in 2022 and had some not-so-surprising data points:

Organizations are struggling with securing data in the cloud. No-brainer here, I’ve been discussing this for the past few years, as well as the core issues that enterprises lack talent and sound approaches to security.
Third parties and suppliers have equal access to sensitive data with the same rights as employees. The worry here, of course, is that sensitive data will be exposed that does damage to the company. The bigger concern is that this could be an indication of other substandard cloud security disciplines.  
Dark data is data assets organizations collect, process, and store during regular business activities but don’t use for other purposes. The survey points out issues that stem from staffing problems and interdepartmental politics.
Of greatest concern, most security professionals surveyed believe their enterprise will experience a data breach in the next year. The impending doom statements by the security industry begin to sound a bit like Chicken Little at this point. The real concern is that security professionals are concerned. What do they know? 

The full CSA report can be obtained here

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