Monday, October 2, 2023
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Why don’t cloud providers integrate?

As I noted recently, AWS seems to be getting religion about “integration as an essential product feature.” There’s plenty of progress to be made, but it feels like the exact right thing for AWS to do. The question is why isn’t everyone doing it? As I said, “The tech industry has spent decades watching Apple, Microsoft, and others ignore competitive products outside their own walled gardens.” That’s on the consumer side (privileging first-party browsers, apps, etc.), but the same holds true for the enterprise.

Except in the enterprise, it’s baffling. You might, for example, find a consumer that is willing to cede every aspect of their mobile experience to Apple (hardware, operating system, apps, etc.), but no enterprise in history exclusively uses one vendor’s tech, no matter how “all in” they may publicly proclaim themselves. Enterprise IT simply doesn’t work that way. So why aren’t technology vendors more inclined to meet customers where they are? Why not focus on integrating with competitive products rather than insisting on some utopian mono-vendor future that will never, ever come to pass?

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