Thursday, February 9, 2023
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What happened to performance engineering in the cloud?

Remember when performance was everything? I used to spend days in computer labs testing performance and reporting for tech magazines about what I found. The tech that provided the best performance, meaning CPU processing, data, storage, and other components at the highest speed, typically won “Editor’s Choice.”

These days we understand that good application, platform, and database performance is table stakes for any deployed systems, including cloud computing. That said, I don’t hear the discussions about cloud system performance as much as I did just five to seven years ago. What happened?

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Maybe it’s a sign that we’ve gotten so good at performance that’s it’s no longer an issue. I think that performance issues remain, but how we handle fixes in the cloud is not discussed as much as it should be. The approaches and technology used to adjust performance issues are not as well understood, at least from my experience with cloud migration projects and net-new cloud system development.

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