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Two industry leaders, one vision: Driving global commerce innovation with cloud

While the shift to digital business and the cloud has been well under way for some years now, organizations today have a new sense of urgency due to COVID-19. Delivering digital transformation is no longer a ‘nice to have’ option, rather, it is an operational imperative. Taking advantage of the infrastructure, platform and solution gains that cloud and microservices architecture provide is a must for brands today. 

At Google Cloud, we understand the pressures and challenges organizations of all sizes, across all industries are facing. The pandemic has dramatically impacted global commerce at-large, exposing (for many organizations across multiple sectors) gaps in omnichannel capabilities, business continuity and forecasting plans, not to mention spots in supply chain agility, resilience and responsiveness. 

A rapidly evolving consumer-driven commerce landscape has put innovation squarely in the spotlight for supply chain teams all over the world, with the effects of the global pandemic making it increasingly difficult for manufacturers, wholesalers, third party logistics providers and retailers (in particular) to weather the perfect storm of fast-moving consumer trends and a need for ‘always on’ digital innovation. 

These same effects have driven increasing interest and uptake of technology like the Manhattan Active® suite of solutions, as well as our own cloud platform; both of which afford organizations the levels of agility, flexibility and scalability needed to insulate their people, processes and long-term business strategies against unforeseen future obstacles such as global pandemics or international trade disputes.

An excellent example of this agility, flexibility and scalability in action is PVH’s response to the global pandemic. One of the most admired fashion and lifestyle companies with such iconic brands as Calvin Klein, TOMMY HILFIGER, Van Heusen, and IZOD, PVH was forced to temporarily close its physical stores and, as a result, experienced a sudden massive increase in online sales. The retailer was able to quickly pivot by adjusting its business rules in Manhattan Distributed Order Management (part of Manhattan Active Omni) to expose store inventory to online consumers and reroute its fulfillment processes. Thanks to Manhattan’s solution delivered through Google Cloud, in a matter of days, PVH was able to leverage both its distribution centers and vast store network to fulfill its online orders.

“The events of 2020 have accelerated retail and ecommerce operations forward,” said David Herridge, executive vice president of Global Value Chain Technologies for PVH. “With quick, creative thinking and the right partner, we were able to pivot operations, satisfy our customers and prepare for the future.”

Manhattan’s products have been recognized for their ability to solve real-world challenges through innovation, and used by many of the world’s top brands to solve some of their most complex commerce and supply chain challenges: the latest recognition is Manhattan’s position as sole leader in the 2021 Forrester Wave™ for Order Management Solutions. 

Since December 2018, Google Cloud has been collaborating closely with the team at Manhattan and its ‘always on’, versionless approach to innovation. And, during the last two and a half years, Manhattan has significantly accelerated its cloud-first solutions and market adoption, resulting in tremendous growth in its overall cloud business efforts. 

By building cloud native solutions on Google Cloud, the teams at Manhattan continue to deliver the high-performance, elastic, high-redundancy, secure solutions their customers rely on. Moreover, it means both Google Cloud and Manhattan continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of the supply chain and omnichannel innovations that underpin global commerce – innovation that is needed more now than maybe ever before.

Our commitment to distributed cloud solutions and ongoing innovation, not to mention the fact Google Cloud operates a net carbon-neutral cloud, means that the working partnership between both industry leading teams continues to be a perfect match of brand values; not just from a technology perspective, but also a long-term sustainability and environmental one too.

More information on the partnership can be found here.

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