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Training more than 40 million new people on Google Cloud skills

Around the world, organizations across multiple industries are in the midst of digitally transforming their businesses. For many, the COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated things. These digital transformations are already impacting the way we work and live, from enabling more sustainable, carbon neutral growth; to creating new business models shaped by artificial intelligence; to allowing unprecedented levels of virtual collaboration at global scale.

More importantly, the driving force behind these shifts will be people with the skills required to implement and maintain large-scale cloud deployments, particularly in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, application development, security, and cloud architecture. To ensure that the world has enough skilled people to execute these technologies at scale, we’re excited to announce a new goal of equipping more than 40 million people with Google Cloud skills.

More than 90% of IT leaders say they’re looking to grow their cloud environments in the next several years, yet more than 80% of those same leaders identified a lack of skills and knowledge within their employees as a barrier to this growth. Through this new initiative, we aim to remove barriers for businesses and drive career success for individuals – via the cloud. 

Announcing Google Cloud Skills Boost

To achieve this goal, we’re launching Google Cloud Skills Boost, the definitive destination for online learning, skills development, and certifications, managed and delivered directly by Google Cloud. Google Cloud Skills Boost will enable learning and professional development at an unprecedented scale.

Starting today, Google Cloud Skills Boost will provide access to more than 700 hands-on labs, role-based courses, skill badges, and certification resources, including 16 new learning paths, all of which are available on-demand globally. Google Cloud Skills Boost features all of our most in-demand training, including content like Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine, How Google Does Machine Learning, Preparing for the Professional Cloud Architect Certification Exam, and more. 

At launch, content is available in English and Japanese, with support for more languages launching soon.

Users will be able to personalize their learning paths, track progress, and validate their newly-earned expertise with Google Cloud skill badges that will show employers their proficiency in highly-demanded skills. These skills can lead to significant career growth — in fact, the two highest-paying IT certifications in 2021 are both on Google Cloud.

Because innovation happens fast in the cloud, our teams will continue to update content and release new labs and courses each month.

Users who sign up for Google Cloud Skills Boost by Nov. 6 will receive their first month of content at no-cost, making it easier than ever for anyone to earn a Google Cloud certification or pick up a new skill. 

Google Cloud training on Coursera

We remain committed to meeting everyone where they are, and will continue making all of our courses available through partner platforms, including Coursera, one of the largest learning communities in the world. You can continue to access the latest Google Cloud courses, Specializations, and Professional Certificates on Coursera. Starting today you canaccessall Google Cloud training on Coursera at no-cost for a month, until Nov. 6. 

Launching the Cloud Learn online event

To continue helping more people acquire cloud skills, we’ll host Cloud Learn, a new no-cost online learning event, on Dec. 8 and 9. The event is open to developers, IT professionals, and data practitioners at all career levels, and will provide insights on career development, live learning sessions, and the opportunity to hear from Google Cloud executives, customers, and industry experts.

The Cloud Learn event will offer three role-based tracks to choose from covering everything from Google Cloud fundamentals to more intensive Google Cloud certification preparation. We’ll also offer exclusive opportunities to earn skills badges, participate in hands-on challenges, and receive access to additional learning resources. You can register for the eventhereto reserve your spot. 

Start learning today

Google Cloud Skills Boost represents a significant and long-term commitment from Google Cloud to equip the next generation of cloud leaders and innovators with the skills and knowledge they need to grow in their careers and to support our world’s digital transformation.

Ready to get started? Sign upherefor no-cost access to Google Cloud Skills Boost and our trainings on Coursera. Registerhere for our live Cloud Learn event.

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