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Snap maintains uptime and growth with Mission Critical Services

The Snap Inc. visual messaging app, Snapchat, is one of the world’s most popular social media apps. In 2011, the Snapchat platform was developed on Google Cloud to provide an architecture that enabled Snap to focus on its core strengths: advancing the development of its social platform and ecosystem to speed attraction of users and business partners at scale. As a technology company, Snap’s social media apps require user accessibility 24×7 around the world. With high reliability and low latency such a business priority, when technical issues arise, resolution should be lightning fast. 

As Snap continues to grow daily users at a rate of 18% year over year, Google Cloud continues to enable Snap’s business objectives to not only ensure the application infrastructure can scale to reach global daily active users efficiently, but also to drive the performance and reliability of their infrastructure to deliver the user experiences that Snap users have come to expect. 

The challenge: beyond just faster response times

Any unplanned downtime is difficult, but for a social media company the impact is immediate and devastating. Snap recognized that part of delivering optimal reliability for its users required a modernized engagement model including proactive monitoring — the fastest possible response time — via a war-room styled ‘live response’ populated with designated technical experts well versed in Snap’s operating environment, and empowered to muster additional engineering resources quickly.

In this 2 min video, Kamran Tirdad, Head of Application Infrastructure at Snap and Min Lee, TAM Manager, Google Cloud demonstrate how Google Cloud, Mission Critical Services (MCS) effectively addresses Snap’s business objectives. 

The solution: Customer Care for Google Cloud

Snap began collaboration with the Google Customer Care Team to develop a more tailored support approach to meet their prioritized business objectives. Together, Google Cloud and Snap developed a process and assets to enable engineers at both companies to better communicate so they could more quickly and easily resolve issues. Here’s what they did: 

Customer Care led the identification of Snap’s critical environment, performed architectural reviews with designated project owners, set up monitoring and alerting set up, and refined post-onboarding alerts. 

Through various reviews and assessments, Customer Care created internal playbooks to ensure engagement teams’ awareness of additional context for Snap’s environment, focused on reducing time to resolution.

A regular cadence was established with Customer Care to review business critical alerts (i.e., P0) and expert responses to recommend and make improvements to the environments. 

The results: Snap meets business objectives

Snap chose Mission Critical Services (MCS), a value-added service of Premium Support, to achieve proactive system monitoring, which provided a designated team of technical experts ready to engage in response to mission-critical issues within 5 minutes. Due to formalized and established MCS processes, the technical experts have complete access to the Snap environment, architecture and operation details to drive an optimal time to resolution and ongoing system improvements for issue prevention.

MCS is available for purchase by our Premium Supportcustomers as a consultative offering in which we partner with you on a journey toward enterprise readiness. And what makes MCS truly unique is that it’s built on the same methodologies we use in support of our own Google Cloud infrastructure, including a set of core concepts and methods that our Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams have developed over the past two decades. To learn more about MCS, please contact sales.

Snap has more business altering details to share about its strategic business improvements and transformation leveraging Google Cloud and Cloud Customer Experience Services. In our next blog, we will cover details about how Snap transformed its business leveraging Cloud Support and Cloud Learning Services.

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