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Run SAS in Python without Installation


In the past few years python has gained a huge popularity as a programming language in data science world. Many banks and pharma organisations have started using Python and some of them are in transition stage, migrating SAS syntax library to Python. Many big organisations have been using SAS since early 2000 and they developed a hundreds of SAS codes for various tasks ranging from data extraction to model building and validation. Hence it’s a marathon task to migrate SAS code to any other programming language. Migration can only be done in phases so day to day tasks would not be hit by development and testing of python code. Since Python is open source it becomes difficult sometimes in terms of maintaining the existing code. Some SAS procedures are very robust and powerful in nature its alternative in Python is still not implemented, might be doable but not a straightforward way for average developer or analyst.

Do you wish to run both SAS and Python programs in the same environment (IDE)? If yes, you are not the only one. Many analysts have been desiring the same. It is possible now via python package called saspy developed by SAS. It allows flexibility to transfer data between Pandas Dataframe and SAS Dataset. Imagine a situation when you have data in pandas dataframe and you wish to run SAS statistical procedure on the same without switching between SAS and Python environment.

Table of Contents

Access to SAS Software for free

First and Foremost is to have access to SAS either via cloud or server/desktop version of software.

If you don’t have SAS software, you don’t need to worry. You can get it for free without installation via SAS OnDemand for Academics It is available for free for everyone (not restricted to students or academicians). It includes access to all the commonly used SAS modules like SAS STAT, SAS ETS, SAS SQL etc. You just need to do registration once and it does not take more than 5 minutes.

saspy python package has the following dependencies : Python 3.4 or higherSAS 9.4 or higher

Steps to access SAS in Python (Jupyter)

Please follow the steps below to make SAS run in Jupyter Notebook.

Step 1 : Install Package

To install saspy package you can run the following command in Python. !pip install saspy

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