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Research Opportunity: Recommending Products/Brands & Lending Opportunities

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Available Data Set for Academics

Research Opportunity: Recommending Products/Brands & Lending Opportunities

AIAB is pleased to announce a new data set provided by Intercorp, the holding company of one of the largest Peruvian business groups. The company is focused on Peru’s growing middle class and provides a variety of services to satisfy consumer preferences in financial services, retail, healthcare, real estate, hospitality, education, and leisure and entertainment.

Intercorp has a single customer view across Business Units, but each BU currently has its own analytics (and analytics team). The overall goals of the research project are to adopt a more analytical view and to gain insights into a single customer across BUs, in an effort to recommend relevant products, services, and lending solutions.

The firm is specifically interested in sponsoring the following areas of research:

Converting customer behavior to new customer attributes and developing segments/profiles of similar customers
Developing a customer-level (or customer segmentation-level) recommendation engine for brands/products
Inferring income and developing a model to determine the credit risk of customers in order to offer lending solutions
Identifying the optimum discounts for products purchased with a credit card

To learn more about the data and business context, interested researchers can attend a live webinar on February 24th at 3PM ET.

During the webinar, details of the data will be described and executives from the project sponsor will be available for Q&A. To attend the event, register below. The webinar will also be archived for those who can’t attend live.

After the webinar, research teams can submit proposals on the AIAB website by March 12th at 9am ET. to receive access to the data. Proposals will be evaluated based on their potential for academic contribution and the researcher’s ability to address issues of strategic importance to the program sponsor.

Live Webinar | Friday, February 24, 2023 | 3pm EST


Please register for the webinar using the form below.

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