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Productivity unlocked with new Cloud SDK reference docs

Google Cloud has long offered client libraries for its services as part of the Cloud SDK. Client libraries provide an optimized developer experience by using each supported language’s natural conventions and styles. This year we released our new iteration of Cloud Client Libraries as generally available. They are the recommended option for accessing Cloud APIs programmatically because they simplify integration with our APIs and lower the learning curve to start coding effectively. 

Each library’s reference documentation is vital because it offers helpful documentation about classes, interfaces, and code-snippets for methods. For many of the new Cloud Client Libraries, reference documentation has historically lived on different sites such as

A new home for Google Cloud Client Library reference documentation

In continuation of our efforts to make our Cloud SDK better and more consistent for our users, today we’re announcing the consolidation of all formerly dispersed reference documentation to a central spot: You can find a list of many of our reference docs by language at

The redesigned home for reference docs give you a number of new features and benefits:

Centralized documentation 

All Cloud Client Library reference docs can now be found on instead of scattered across places like In the coming weeks, we’ll be redirecting reference documentation from to this improved experience!

Autogenerated documentation and code samples

With automated documentation generation, documentation is automatically updated with each new client library release. You now get more consistent and accurate technical reference documentation, and a single place to find them.  

In addition, reference pages now feature code samples. Code samples are contained right under applicable classes and methods. It’s easier than ever to find the resources you need to integrate Cloud Client Libraries to your project.

Simplified layout

As developers, we understand that searching for the right documentation can be a frustrating experience. With the new Cloud Client Library reference docs home, we simplified the experience so developers can stay organized and focus on development. The layout is now redesigned with better typographic hierarchies, table of contents, tags, breadcrumbs, highlighting, and descriptions, allowing you to quickly find what you need. 

App Engine client library reference docs.

Advanced search

You can search for all reference docs in the search navigation bar on top. Now that reference docs live on, search is integrated so results span all pages across the domain. Search results are split up by page type: pages, reference docs, and product pages. That way you can clearly see which results are relevant by page type, saving you time from scrolling among a long list of results. 


On each reference doc, you’ll see a left-hand navigation bar showing a list of all reference docs for a particular language. The filter search box on top of the bar will help  you find and choose the reference docs you need. By simply typing in the filter box the reference’s name you are looking for, the filter section will filter results found based on matching keywords.

Table of contents

With the new interface, you no longer have to scroll through a list of text to search for the section you need. With table of contents on the right panel, you can view and jump to your desired section with just a single click. 

Dark mode

Woo hoo! Your favorite dark theme is here. Google Cloud developers can now switch the code theme to dark mode, giving you the flexibility to use a color scheme you work best in. You can also toggle between light and dark mode with a click of a button.  

Direct code edits

The new reference docs home on lets you  edit variables directly within code samples and then copy the edited code sample with a click of a button. This will save you extra steps of copying code into an editor, editing variables, and copying again. 

Cloud Storage reference doc sample.

Giving back through open source

We’re committed to making much of our tooling and source code open source, allowing developers to make contributions, request features or raise any issues they might have. You can also find installation instructions for a client library that provides an interface to the APIs on the Github repositories

Save time and gain more developer productivity

The new home for our Cloud Client Library reference documentation gives you a single, familiar interface for all of Google Cloud regardless of language or product you are interested in. It is integrated into the rest of the UI experience, full of rich features like searching, filtering, and simple navigation. Features like dark mode, in-code edits, one-click code copying, and clear syntax highlighting are built by developers and for developers in mind. We hope this new home for our Cloud Client Library reference docs gives you a streamlined experience so you can be more productive. 

Got feedback? Submit feedback through the “Send feedback” button at the bottom of each documentation page. Feel free to also reach out to me at @stephr_wong.

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