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Product Scoop July 2021

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As we round the half-way mark of the year, it’s a great time to think about where you’ve been, and where you’re headed. Coming up this month, an opportunity to learn from some of the smartest innovators in business technology. Plus, simplify on-prem security with AWS Secrets Manager support, protect your work assets with Google Workspace, and add Azure Blob to your log streaming options.

Learn from your peers at Biz Systems Magic
Simplify your on-prem security with AWS Secrets Manager
Secure offboarding with Google Workspace
Stream audit logs to Azure Blob

Learn from your peers at Biz Systems Magic

The pace of digital transformation has only increased since COVID shifted the foundations of how we work. Business Systems leaders across the industry are facing the need to support hybrid work environments, on top of the existing challenges of operating business processes at scale. There’s never been a more important time to share experience with your peers. 

Biz Systems Magic is a unique conference, exclusively for Business Technology and RevOps professionals. With no vendors, and strictly no selling, it’s a chance for industry leaders to share insights and actionable advice.

You’ll hear from CIOs, Solutions Architects, Integration Engineers, RevOps managers and more for sessions covering four key tracks:

Process & strategy

Register and join us on August 25-26 2021 to learn from leaders in automation, like Slack, Shopify, Rapid 7, and Gitlab. Moreover, you’ll get to network with other Business Systems professionals in the virtual Expo Hall.

Simplify your on-prem security with AWS Secrets Manager

The on-prem agent (OPA) provides a secure way to access data in any application, database, ERP, device, or folder in your on-prem network. With the OPA providing a single point of contact behind your firewall, you can give selective access to only the data you need, without having to open multiple ports in your firewall for each system.

The OPA already offers you the ability to securely encrypt password data in your configuration files. This month, we’ve added the ability to connect to AWS Secrets Manager to manage passwords for all your on-prem connections. Using an external secrets manager offers several major benefits.

Comply with your security policies

Your organization’s security policy may require that database secrets be managed only in a central repository, to reduce vulnerable surface area. Connecting to AWS Secrets Manger allows you to stay in compliance with that policy without losing the ability to access on-prem data.

Rotate keys for extra security

It’s common for organizations to require regular rotation of database keys, to limit the chances of a compromised key. Connecting to AWS Secrets Manger, you can configure automatic key rotation, and forget the hassle of manually rotating the credentials for each on-prem app.

Multiple OPAs for performance and reliability

It’s a best practice to set up multiple identical instances of the OPA. This allows for load balancing, high availability and zero downtime updates. By connecting to AWS Secrets Manager, you can share the same profile between all agents. This saves time and reduces the potential for inconsistencies, especially if combined with the need to rotate keys. 

Secure offboarding with Google Workspace

As part of your employee offboarding process, you often need to transfer ownership of assets, like documents and calendars. You can automate this process with the Google Workspace connector to ensure that none of your vital assets get lost. 

Depending on the number of assets being transferred, this process can take a significant amount of time. So to improve reliability, you now have the option to wait until the data transfer is complete before continuing to the next step of the recipe. This way, you can send notifications to new asset owners and handle any errors that occur. This way, you’ll never lose an asset.

Stream Audit Logs to Azure Blob

A vital part of applying automation at scale across an organization is the ability to monitor operations, and actively audit changes. Consequently, Workato’s Audit Log Streaming lets you store a job history of all your recipes, along with login and user activity records, to any HTTP-based log service.

This month, we’ve added native support for Azure Blob. To stream your logs to Azure Blob, all you need to do is set up Workato’s Azure Blob connector. No need to manually configure the HTTP connection.

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