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Product Scoop – August 2021

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Summer’s almost in the rear-view but that only means it’s time for the harvest. This fall we’re bringing you a bumper crop of updates. You’ve probably already noticed that we’ve given our user experience a makeover. In addition, we’ve released a no-code message builder for MS teams, and new connector functionality for automating your asset management, social media mentions, and accounts payable.

Everything is beautiful
A newly designed experience to boost collaboration
Beautiful and functional no-code bots for MS Teams

Get connected
Keep your creative teams in sync with Bynder
Keep track of your mentions on Twitter
Automate your accounts payable with Concur

Everything is beautiful

A newly designed experience to boost collaboration

In the last year, we’ve seen a 2.1X increase in the number of business processes automated by customers. More than two-thirds of customers have automated business processes across all departments: HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance, IT, Support, Product/Engineering.

To support this expansion, we’re continuously making improvements, big and small, to the UX to enable all your teams to work together to build more automations, faster. This month brought a significant set of updates, including:

A fully responsive design that uses whatever screen real estate you have to show you more of what you’re working on.

An updated navigation menu, now living on the left. Hover and you’ll see that we’ve moved things around a little to get you to common screens faster.

New sidebar widgets to give a 360 degree view of Recipes, Jobs and Connections, surfacing the information you need to make decisions.

For a full rundown on what’s new, check out the blog, or watch our Product Hour with Workato’s Head of Product Design, Nishtha Mehrotra.

Beautiful & functional no-code bots for MS Teams

Messenger bots bring speed and consistency to all parts of your business by centralizing where you work. Instead of stumbling through the cumbersome UIs of legacy SaaS platforms, bots let your team access and act on information directly from your messaging platform. Using a low-code/no-code bot framework like Workato’s Workbot even lets you automate complex workflows across multiple apps. 

However, creating the rich, detailed messages you need for a great bot experience can be a major challenge. This is especially true if you’re not a developer. For example, MS Teams Adaptive Cards feature requires you to write long and complex JSON specifications to describe the message you want to send. If you don’t want to write JSON, you’re limited to a restrictive set of templates. These pre-built templates won’t exactly fit your needs and can’t handle complex, dynamic content.

With Adaptive Card Blocks for MS Teams, you can have it both ways, with a best-in-class visual interface for building your message. You get all the features of Adaptive Cards, without writing code.

Summarize open opportunities in rich detail

Create table-like views that combine both static and dynamic elements. For example, message summaries and table headers can be static elements, with the content of the table generated dynamically by listing opportunities for an individual seller, sorted by deal stage. You can also include dynamically created images, like charts.

Build actionable messages

Let your users act on the information in a message. For example, you can update an opportunity in Salesforce directly from the message, without ever having to open Salesforce. In the example above, a message opens a form to update an Opportunity, with the fields pre-filled with their original values. When the user makes a change, the original summary message automatically changes to show the updated information.

Read the full blog to learn more.

Get Connected

Keep your creative teams in sync with Bynder

Achieving consistency across a distributed creative team can seem impossible. You might be managing an internal team using Adobe to create designs for your company’s website. An external marketing team creating social media assets is working in Box. Meanwhile, your web developers need to host assets in S3. Bynder can help by serving as a centralized source of truth for all creating assets. But, you can still burn hours of time manually uploading, downloading and tagging files.

With the Bynder connector you can set up simple bidirectional syncs between Bynder and any system you use to create, serve, or store assets. Teams can use the tools that work best for them and always have access to the most recent assets. You can also keep tags and other metadata in sync and keep track of where assets are used.

Sample recipes

Sync assets between Bynder and Box
Sync assets between Bynder and Amazon S3


Keep track of your mentions on Twitter

Are your ears burning? Every social media manager needs to know the same thing:

Monitoring your brand’s presence on social media is a must. It helps you understand your audience, catch problems early and build meaningful relationships with your customers. To help you stay on top of this task, we’ve added new capabilities to our Twitter connector to help you react to tweets faster.

Use these capabilities to:

Notify your team whenever you’re mentioned in a popular tweet
Sync mentions out to your data mart for cross-referencing
Log tweets from customers in Salesforce as engagements
Scan tweets for sentiment and intention and automatically create and classify support tickets.

Automate your accounts payable with Concur

Accounts Payable has historically been plagued with tedious and error prone manual processes: data entry, coding and classification of invoices, keeping vendor records in sync between systems, reconciling against purchase orders. Bring your AP into the 21st Century with new capabilities for the Concur connector, tackling invoices and vendors.

Sample recipes

Sync new invoices from Concur to NetSuite
Sync vendors from Netsuite to Concur

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