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MongoDB’s Mark Porter: What today’s developers need to succeed

Mark Porter is CTO at MongoDB, and a technologist with broad interests and a deep history in software leadership and practice. Porter joined MongoDB at the beginning of 2020, after serving as CTO at Grab, a ride-sharing, delivery, and mobile payments “superapp” company based in Singapore. Before that, he spent nine years building Amazon RDS managed database services at AWS. Earlier in his career, he spent 12 years at Oracle, where he worked on the Oracle RDBMS, managed the Oracle RDBMS server development team, and eventually rose up the ranks to report directly to CEO Larry Ellison.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Porter about joining MongoDB, his relational database snobbery, the advantages of the document model, how to make software developers happy, how to make software deployments safe, and what today’s developers need from the database tier. Porter also discussed what it was like working with Larry Ellison and why developers should not have to become managers to “succeed.”

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