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Microsoft Dev Box: Your development workstation on Azure

Setting up a new development PC can take time. We’ve all experienced it: My latest device arrived in February and I’m sure that everything I need isn’t there yet, even with a long list of apps and tools that I’ve used to guide installations. The list gets longer with each new project and each new technology, too.

It’s a problem that eats into developer productivity, especially when starting a new project. What tools will you need to install, and how will they interact with your normal toolset? A machine tuned for .NET development is unlikely to need the same things as one that’s building machine learning models in PyTorch. Then there’s the underlying hardware. If I’m building JavaScript plug-ins for Office, I’m not going to need 64GB of RAM and a high-end GPU, a specification that’s highly likely for a machine that’s building and testing computer vision code.

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