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Listen up: Meet our Multicloud Mindset series on Twitter Spaces

There’s never been a better time to talk about multicloud.  It is not simply about ‘lifting-and-shifting’ old IT infrastructure to a cloud for cost savings and convenience, but driving digital transformation by inventing new ways to accomplish business objectives using the best of breed services from different cloud providers.  In fact, industry research finds that 89% of companies are now working with at least two or more public cloud providers. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new Multicloud Mindset series, featuring engaging, live conversations with top experts about multicloud topics that takes place on Twitter Spaces once every two weeks. You can jump into the 15-minute Q&A to get answers to your most pressing questions and listen to episodes later offline for up to 30 days after we chat. 

Episode #1: ‘Multicloud inside the boardroom’

We kicked off the series with a conversation with Bob Evans, founder of Cloud Wars. Forward-thinking businesses not only want more flexibility but also view multicloud as a crucial way to take advantage of innovation offered by specific cloud providers. We took a deep dive into the multicloud decisions happening at organizations and why, more often than not, these decisions are being made in the boardroom to ensure as much competitive advantage as possible. 

“The absence of multicloud strategy could put businesses at a competitive disadvantage.” — Bob Evans, Founder of Cloud Wars

If you’ve ever wondered what scenarios executives plan for, the considerations that get discussed, and the main trade offs and challenges when adopting multicloud, you won’t want to miss this one. 

Since it is past 30 days for this episode , it is no longer archived on Twitter, but we are working on a way to get you access to the archived version very soon , which we will share on our next blog.   

Episode #2: ‘Five Dos and Don’ts of Multicloud’ 

The truth about digital transformation journeys is that no one is using cloud in exactly the same way. In the second episode of the series, we sat down with Richard Seroter, Director of Outbound Product Management at Google Cloud to discuss his insights into what makes multicloud adoption the right choice for an organization and best practices to finding the right approach. 

According to Richard, here’s the five dos and don’ts of multicloud:

Do: Choose multicloud for the right reasons – Define your “why” multicloud based on your business value journey — not because the analysts say it’s the hot thing to do. 

Don’t: Over-engineer for workload or data portability – “Write once, run anywhere” can be more trouble than it’s worth. Instead, consider the distinct value of native services and use them to support your workflows rather than bringing your workflows into the clouds. 

Do: Recognize different stakeholder interests and needs – Context matters. Be aware that different groups want multicloud for different reasons, and this may impact your overall approach. 

Don’t: Go it alone – Tap into the industry community and share knowledge about what worked and what didn’t. 

Do: Experiment first with multi-region deployments – Starting with multi-region deployments can help you work out the kinks before you try to jump into multicloud architectures. 

No matter where you are with multicloud, this is great episode to learn what multicloud is all about, essential considerations, and most importantly why you should (and shouldn’t) do it. 

You can access the full conversation on Twitter Spaces

Episode #3: ‘Yugabyte’s Multicloud Journey’ 

Over the past decade, organizations that were not traditionally technology companies have had to transform their IT infrastructure, adopting microservices, Kubernetes, and multicloud or hybrid-cloud deployments to help them remain competitive. In the third episode, we chatted about open source and multicloud with Suda Srinivasan, VP of Strategy and Marketing at Yugabyte, an open source distributed SQL database for cloud-native applications.

“The past five years, a lot of companies were focused on app modernization. Now, they’re getting into the database modernization phase of their digital transformation and that database modernization is very much a journey. It’s going to be going for the next five years, which means that a lot of them are going to be in some stage of hybrid or multicloud deployment for the foreseeable future.” — Suda Srinivasan, VP of Strategy and Marketing at Yugabyte

We discussed how Yugabyte’s own success is linked with the power of open source and how to think about databases when building services for multicloud. According to Suda the key is using technology to abstract complexity and heterogeneity of different environments. Success often comes down to the details of whether a database can run across environments and whether it will run smoothly without any trouble. 

According to Suda the key is using technology to abstract complexity and heterogeneity of different environments. Success often comes down to the details of whether a database can run across environments and whether it will run smoothly without any trouble. When deploying databases for multicloud, it’s important to choose solutions that have been tested across different cloud environments and certified to run in different cloud environments. Or if you choose a database as a service (DBaaS) solution, it should be capable of spinning up database clusters in different clouds to abstract away the complexity of the underlying infrastructure or cloud stack so your focus can be on building your applications. 

You can access the full conversation on Twitter Spaces .  

Episode #4: ‘As cloud evolves into multicloud, jobs are evolving too’ 

If you are already working in Cloud and looking for ways to grow your career, or if you are trying to start your career in Cloud, then you would not want to miss this episode with Jeana Jorgensen, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Google Cloud. 

Jeana inspired listeners with her incredible  journey into tech. She also shared how certain skills such as perseverance, and curiosity to learn more continuously are at the core of what she as a leader looks for while building her team, irrespective of which background someone comes from.

We then talked about how jobs are evolving as cloud evolves into multicloud. Jeana discussed how open source, infrastructure as a code help gain skills which empower cloud professionals to become cloud generalists and grow their career in cloud. When asked if there is a reason to be afraid of multicloud, she exclaimed:

“Multicloud – It is not something to be afraid of, it is something we should fully embrace’” — Jeana Jorgensen, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Google Cloud

You can access this engaging conversation with Jeana on Twitter Spaces

You will hear from us every month on this blog series on several multicloud topics, so stay tuned until next time. Be sure to listen to our next episode of Multicloud Mindset on 9/30/22 at 9am PST (details to be shared soon on Twitter).

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