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[Infographic] Navigating secure digital transformation in financial services

Adopting cloud computing technologies and services presents financial services institutions with opportunities to address many forms of security risks in new, innovative, and more effective ways.

However, firms often lack the tools required to map out their digital transformation journey in the context of security and risk governance.

That’s why it is important for Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, Heads of Internal Audit, and their teams to have a cloud security transformation roadmap.

We suggest that the following principles, adopted in four core stages, should be your guide and reference when navigating the journey.

A successful digital transformation requires the orchestration of organizational, cultural, technical, and procedural changes and a risk and control approach that matures as you go. 

Once there is an establishedoverall transformation program oversight path, ensure  technology, operational, and security risk governance acts as a “check and balance” to the overall program.

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Get the help you need at every stage of the journey

Google Cloud provides a secure-by-design foundation — core infrastructure that is designed, built, and operated with security in mind. Google Cloud can guide CISOs and their organizational stakeholders through the entire cycle of security transformation to adapt to an ever-evolving threat landscape.

We’re here to help

Google Cloud aims to deliver our customers’ most trusted cloud platform, with a secure foundation that they can verify and independently control, engineered in capabilities to protect data against threats using a zero-trust architecture, and a shared fate model for risk management supported by products, services and best practices.

Google Cloud’s dedicated security professionals are here to help throughout your entire journey, including the Office of the CISO team that is staffed with former CISOs from leading industry firms, the Google Cybersecurity Action Team (GCAT) that can advise on security strategies, and Mandiant’s Cyber Security Consulting Services team that can help respond to and proactively protect against cyber security threats.

To learn more or explore how Google Cloud fits into your security transformation roadmap, please contact us or visit our website.

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