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How to screw up data migration to the cloud

To be kind, most enterprise data is less than optimal. Want to test this statement out at your company? Just ask where the customer data of record resides. If you ask someone in four different departments, you’ll get four very different answers.

This issue is the natural byproduct of 20 to 30 years spent creating new databases using whatever database was popular at the time. This includes databases for mainframes, big relational databases, open source SQL, object databases, and now, special-purpose databases. 

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Heterogeneity and complexity problems are an undeniable reality for those looking to move terabytes of data to the cloud. You must find a database analog in the cloud that is either an exact brand match or one that requires a minimal amount of restructuring and conversion. Unfortunately, this approach perpetuates the database silo problem. It’s a classic and seemingly endless example of kicking the can down the road for the next generation of IT.

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