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How Managed Security Service Providers can accelerate their business with Google Cloud Security’s Partner Program using Google Chronicle

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) can deliver high-value security services for customers, helping to drive efficiencies in security operations across people, product, and processes. In an environment where the threat landscape continues to be challenging, MSSPs can allow customers to scale their security teams driving enhanced security outcomes. At the same time, MSSPs operating their own SOC team can face challenges – from core operating capabilities around an increasing number of alerts, to the shortage of skilled security professionals, to the highly manual and “tribal knowledge” investigation and response approach. MSSPs are generally constantly looking at opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction, while providing advanced security operations capability. 

To help, we are excited to announce our new Chronicle MSSP Program, which will offer MSSPs around the world the ability to provide scalable, differentiated, and effective detection and response capabilities with our cloud-native SIEM product, Chronicle. In a highly competitive environment where customers have little to differentiate between various MSSP providers, we are helping to turbocharge our MSSP partners with specialized services offerings, enabling branded portals and advanced threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities. 

“We are proud to partner with Google Cloud Security to solve functional challenges that exist in security for our customers. As a major partner and a distributor/MSSP, we are excited to leverage this new  program, helping our customers and delivering security outcomes”—Robert Herjavec, CEO, Herjavec Group and Fishtech Group

Our partners can help drive success for their business with: 

Google-scale partnership support to help grow your business – Go-to-market with a team that are incentivized to sell your solution. Help unlock greenfield accounts and expand into new territories quickly.   

More controls over margins, and easy, straight-forward pricing – The modern licensing model gives MSSPs advanced control over their margins.  

Building differentiated solutions that demonstrate your expertise – Chronicle MSSPs can add their solution on Chronicle to help make their solution both unique in the market and easier to sell. MSSPs can drive additional leverage with branded reporting, unique solutions, and advanced threat intelligence.

Additionally, our partners are able to utilize key technical differentiators in Chronicle to help drive value for customers: 

API driven multi-tenancy – We can make it easier for you by helping to streamline and automate customer management workflows and enable the delivery of fully featured instances in a few API calls.

Ingest everything, helping to ensure no more blindspots – Chronicle is designed to ingest data from any cloud – even the voluminous datasets (e.g. EDR, NDR, Cloud). This ability can enable security data to exist in one place, and perhaps more importantly, aliased and correlated into a timeline of events. This capability can enable SOCs to begin to operationalize their data into meaningful signals.

Help prioritize threats and quickly respond to alerts  with context-aware detections – With context-aware detections in Chronicle, the supporting information from authoritative sources (e.g. CMDB, IAM, and DLP) including telemetry, context, relationships, and vulnerabilities are available as a “single” detection event. Our partners can use this capability to write context-driven detections, prioritize existing alerts, and drive fast investigation.

Simply put, Google Chronicle will help reduce the MTTR (mean time to respond) for our partners by helping to minimize the need to wait for contextual understanding before making a decision and taking an investigatory action, which can lead to greater customer and cost benefits. 

We have partners already using the Chronicle MSSP program. Our partners like  CYDERES, Netenrich, and Novacoast, among others, have used this program to help accelerate customers’ security operations modernization journeys. 

We at Google Cloud are helping to drive innovations that are foundational to security operations and helping our partners support customers effectively. The Chronicle MSSP Program builds on the momentum of our MSSP program for VirusTotal, which can provide our partners with world-class crowdsourced threat intelligence. 

To learn more about the Chronicle and VirusTotal MSSP programs, register for our MSSP webinar.  For more information about the Chronicle MSSP Program, contact us at [email protected]. Additionally, learn more about our VirusTotal MSSP program

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