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Google Tau VMs deliver over 40% price-performance advantage to customers

In November 2021, we announced the general availability of Tau VMs. Since then, Google Cloud’s Tau VMs with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) have unlocked value for many customers who are now using Tau VMs for their production workloads, such as: Ascend, who achieved over 125% higher performance; Nylas, who gained over 40% higher price-performance; and OpenX, who achieved 40% better price-performance while at the same time reducing their application latency by 62%. 

T2D is the first instance type in the Tau VM family and is built on the latest 3rd generation AMD EPYCTM processors, offering 42% higher price-performance compared to general-purpose VMs from any of the leading public cloud vendors. Tau VMs offer a leading combination of performance, price, and full x86 compatibility, offering customers the lowest cost solution for scale-out workloads. Tau VMs are available in predefined shapes, with up to 60vCPUs per VM, 4GB of memory per vCPU, networking up to 32GB and a slew of storage options including Standard, Balanced and Performance PD. Tau VMs are also available as Spot VMs, offering an over 60% discount compared to on-demand pricing. 

For customers looking for advanced container orchestration, GKE delivers high levels of reliability, security, and scalability, and has supported Tau VMs since the day they became available on Google Cloud. Tau VMs are ideal for CPU-bound workloads such as web-serving with encryption, video encoding, compression/decompression, image processing and horizontally-scaled applications. Using Tau VMs along with GKE’s cost-optimization best practices can help lower your total cost of ownership. You can add Tau VMs to new or existing GKE clusters by specifying the Tau T2D machine type in your GKE node-pools through the Cloud console or by using –machine-type in gcloud.

 Here is what some of our customers have to say about Tau VMs:

Ascend provides a unified analytics and data engineering platform, and chose Tau VMs along with GKE to run their data-intensive workload — primarily because of Tau’s absolute performance and price-performance advantage.

“Our core capability at Ascend is bringing together data ingestion, transformation, delivery, orchestration and observability into a single platform. To operate at scale and keep pace with our telemetry data production rates, high single-threaded performance is critical. With Google Cloud’s Tau VMs with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), we are able to achieve over 125% higher performance than previous generation families. This has completely changed our ability to query historical metrics. Where previously metric queries against historical data over ranges longer than a couple hours were difficult, we can now easily query data ranges of multiple weeks.” – Joe Stevens, Tech Lead – Infrastructure,

Nylas is a pioneer and leading provider of productivity infrastructure solutions for modern software. In the past year, Nylas has been using GKE in their journey to reinvent their architecture and provide their enterprise customers with a bi-directional universal email sync, security compliance with the highest enterprise standards, and industry-specific machine learning services. 

“For our core application, Google’s Tau VMs with Google Kubernetes Engine delivers over 40% better price-performance than Amazon’s Graviton-based VMs. Further, Tau VMs maintain x86 compatibility and eliminate the need to maintain a separate stack for ARM. We are moving our workload from Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud to take advantage of these benefits.” – David Ting, SVP of Engineering, Nylas

OpenX operates an independent ad exchange. Operating 100% on Google Cloud has enabled OpenX to achieve improved performance, scalability, speed and global reach. 

“At OpenX, our ad-exchange services over 200 billion requests every day. Getting the best combination of performance and price from the infrastructure is critically important for us. We use multiple Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters across geographic regions with autoscaling to power our ad-delivery components. Running Google Cloud’s Tau VMs with GKE has enabled over 40% better price-performance and 62% latency reduction for our application as compared to the prior generation family. We have made the move to Tau VMs for our application to take advantage of these benefits.” – Paul T.Ryan, CTO, OpenX

We are excited to see Tau VMs adding value for so many of our customers by enabling industry leading price-performance for a variety of workloads. 

If you haven’t tried Tau VMs yet, give them a try today in our Iowa, Netherlands and Singapore regions and move your production workloads to Tau VMs. Tau VMs will be arriving in additional regions and zones in the coming weeks. You can provision GKE node pools based on Tau VMs and explore how you can take advantage of improved price-performance for your scale-out containerized workloads. 

To get started, go to the Google Cloud Console, select Google Kubernetes Engine, and choose Tau T2D for your GKE nodes. To learn more about Tau VMs or other Compute Engine VM options, check out our machine types and our pricing pages.

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