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Google Cloud Next: top AI and ML sessions

Google Cloud Next starts this week, and features over a dozen sessions dedicated to helping organizations innovate with machine learning (ML) and inject artificial intelligence (AI) into their workflows. Whether you’re a data scientist looking for cutting-edge ML tools, a developer aiming to more easily build AI-powered apps, or a non-technical worker who wants to leverage AI for greater productivity, here are some can’t miss AI and ML sessions to add to your playlist

Developing ML models faster and turning data into action 

For data scientists and ML experts, we’re offering a variety of sessions to help accelerate the training and deployment of models to production, as well to bridge the gap between data and AI. Top sessions include: 

ANA204: What’s next for data analysts and data scientists

Join this session to learn how Google Cloud can help your organization turn data into action, including overviews of the latest announcements and best practices for BigQuery and Vertex AI.

ANA207: Move from raw data to ML faster with BigQuery and Vertex AI

What does the end-to-end journey from raw data to AI look like on Google Cloud? In this session, learn how Vertex AI can help you decrease time to production, track data lineage, catalog ML models for production, support governance, and more — including step-by-step instructions for integrating your data warehouse, modeling, and MLOps with BigQuery and Vertex AI.

ANA103: How to accelerate machine learning development with BigQuery ML 

Google Cloud’s BigQuery ML accelerates the data-to-AI journey by letting practitioners build and execute ML models using standard SQL queries. Join this session to learn about the latest BigQuery ML innovations and how to apply them. 

Building AI-powered apps 

Developers building AI into their apps will also find lots to love, including the following: 

ANA206: Maximize content relevance and personalization at scale with large language models

Accurately classifying content at scale across domains and languages ranks among the most challenging natural language problems. Featuring Erik Bursch, Senior Vice President of Digital Consumer Product and Engineering at Gannett, this session explores how Google Cloud can help identify content for ad targeting, taxonomize product listings, serve the most relevant content, and generate actionable insights.

BLD104:Power new voice enabled interfaces and applications with Google Cloud’s speech solutions

Featuring Ryan Wheeler, Vice President of Machine Learning at Toyota Connected North American, this session dives into the ways organizations use Google’s automatic speech recognition (ASR) and speech synthesis products to unlock new use cases and interfaces.

Applying AI to core business processes

Employees without technical expertise are innovating with AI and ML as well, infusing it into business processes so they can get more done. To learn more, be sure to check out these sessions:

ANA109:Increase the speed and inclusivity of global communications with Google’s zero code translation tools

An estimated 500 billion words are translated daily but most translation processes for enterprises are manual, time-consuming, and expensive. Join this session — featuring Murali Nathan, Senior Director, Digital Experience and Transformation at Avery Dennison — to find out how Google Cloud’s AI-powered translation services are addressing these challenges, helping businesses to drive more inclusive consumer experiences, save millions of dollars, and localize messages across the world in minutes.

ANA111: Improve document efficiency with AI: Make document workflows faster, simpler, and pain free with AI

Google’s Document AI family of solutions help organizations capture data at scale by extracting structured data from unstructured documents, reducing processing costs and improving business speed and efficiency. Featuring Andreas Vollmer, Managing Director, Head of Document Lifecycle at Commerzbank, this session investigates how Google is expanding the capabilities of our Document AI suite to solve document workflow challenges. 

ANA108:Delight customers in every interaction with Contact Center AI

Google Cloud Contact Center AI brings the power of AI to large contact centers, helping them to deliver world-class customer experiences while reducing costs. Join this session — featuring Stephen Chauvin, Business Technology Executive, Voice & Chat Automation/Contact Center Delivery at KeyBank — to learn about the newest Contact Center AI capabilities and how they can help your business. 

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