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Google Cloud Cortex Framework extends offering in latest release and beyond

Last year we announced an exciting new initiative, Google Cloud Cortex Framework, to accelerate business outcomes with less risk, complexity, and cost. By providing endorsed solution content, including reference architectures, deployment accelerators and integration services for common business scenarios, Google Cloud Cortex Framework helps you kickstart time-to-value to get up and running quickly with Google Cloud.

At the same time, we also announced our first content release, our Data Foundation release — providing a rich set of building blocks and templates for SAP enterprises looking to modernize with our Data Cloud. This includes predefined operational data marts, data processing scripts, machine learning templates, and plug-and-play reporting samples for common business use cases leveraging BigQuery — our serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective cloud data warehouse with proven value for SAP enterprises.   

Today, we’re expanding our Data Foundation release for SAP enterprises in new and exciting ways. 

New analytics content for SAP

We’re extending our available content to include predefined BigQuery data marts and Looker reporting templates focused on enabling faster time to insight for common order-to-cash and financial analytics including: Order Fulfillment, Order Status, Sales Performance, and Billing & Pricing to enable better understanding of sales, delivery and billing performance, as well as Accounts Receivables, Overdue Receivables, Days Sales Outstanding and Doubtful Receivables to help enterprises better understand their financial position. Customers have told us that by having the various lines of business data available within BigQuery it opens up new opportunities to extend with other data sets to gain new insights and better optimize core business processes.

Easier SAP and Non-SAP data integration   

We’re also making it easier to combine SAP data with other data sets for new insights and  extended business value.

Integrating SAP and Other Data: We’re helping accelerate data integration with expanded solutions across our partners including: Fivetran/HVR, Informatica, Palantir and Qlik in addition to those available from Google Cloud. By leveraging solutions that can integrate both SAP and non-SAP data all sorts of new opportunities become possible. For example, by combining enterprise data from SAP and Salesforce with Google Trends, businesses can start to better understand broader insights for sales and marketing and better understand the demand for specific products and services. Google Cloud also provides easy access to a curated catalog of external datasets to help enhance analytics and AI initiatives. Customers can also take advantage of BigQuery’s Data Transfer Service to combine data from Google Ads, Google Play, YouTube and more.  Through partners, BigQuery’s Data Transfer Service also supports 150+ data sources such as Adobe Analytics, DoubleClick, Facebook Ad Insights, Shopify, etc.

Cloud Native Application Layer: We’re also introducing a first wave of recipes for application modernization and integration, including a microservices-based application layer that will allow external applications to consume results through scalable, production-ready APIs and Pub/Sub messages. This new capability helps facilitate integration with external applications and platform capabilities, such as SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), to consume results from Cortex Data Foundation and enhance functionality for applications through comprehensive interfaces and solution templates. For example, you can better plan inventory with trending sales items, or automate late payments alerts for overdue receivables in downstream systems.

What customers are saying and what’s next

We launched Google Cloud Cortex Framework and our Data Foundation content so that our customers can accelerate innovation, and we’re pleased that some of our largest enterprise customers have already shared their interest, feedback, and results.  

“Operating in 18 countries with one of the top 10 ecommerce sites in the world, our transaction volume is extremely high and continuously growing. Google Cloud technologies such as the BigQuery Connector for SAP and the solution content provided by Google Cloud Cortex Framework are allowing us to quickly integrate our massive volumes of SAP data with other data sets on a scalable cloud foundation leveraging BigQuery. We look forward to deepening our use of these key capabilities and solution accelerators for both business efficiencies and improved customer experiences.” —Alejandro Bonsignore, Finance & People Systems Senior Manager, Mercado Libre

As excited as we are to bring you these new capabilities, we’re only at the beginning of our Google Cloud Cortex Framework story. The path forward is clear: to accelerate business outcomes for our customers; reduce risk, complexity, and cost; and create a launchpad for innovation. Look for an expansion of our Data Foundation and use case-specific content for other data sets, and business scenarios across the enterprise. You can find our Cortex Framework Data Foundation content now available on GitHub, and our application layer specific solution content available on Google Cloud Marketplace. Give them a try!

To learn more about Google Cloud Cortex Framework visit our solution page, and tune in to our on demand session at our Data Cloud Summit for more about what’s possible.

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