Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Get used to cloud vendor lock-in

I’ll admit I felt a bit vindicated by this article about “embracing the discomfort” with cloud vendor lock-in. This is a reality I’ve stressed for years as organizations move to single and multicloud deployments. My viewpoint is not the result of a bunch of external research, but the realities of seeing lock-in as a fact of many cloud deployments past and present.

Lock-in is a very old problem, by the way. Back in the day, we had numerous 32-bit operating systems on PCs, including many Unix flavors, Windows, and even OS/2. There was a call to build applications that could operate across platforms, which would thus avoid vendor lock-in. As somebody who reviewed development and deployment tools as well as target operating systems, I found myself knee-deep in the lock-in dilemma. 

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