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Ensuring Disaster Recovery and Reducing Costs With Oracle Data Guard

StreamSets has added support for Oracle Data Guard to one of our most popular origins: Oracle Change Data Capture (CDC)

What Is Oracle Data Guard?

Oracle Data Guard is Oracles’ database disaster recovery solution. Oracle Data Guard allows for the creation of one or more standby databases which can be used to protect critical business data in the event of a planned or unplanned outage. 

StreamSets and Oracle Data Guard as a Disaster Recovery Plan

Oracle Data Guard can minimize downtime in the event of a disaster or unplanned outage by providing a standby database that can take over the role of the primary database. The update to the Oracle CDC origin means that StreamSets can now support these standby databases and deliver to them a steady stream of changed data. Which means that StreamSets can be leveraged as part of a powerful and reliable disaster recovery plan as part of an effort to maintain synchronicity between production and standby databases. 

Standby Databases Have a Purpose Beyond Disaster Recovery

Standby databases can also be used for various purposes beyond disaster recovery such as lighting fast read-only queries, reporting, and data mining. Using StreamSets pipelines to funnel changed data through to standby databases used for these processes makes for hardened and reliable data flows. With StreamSets capability of easily templatizing and automating almost any process, development time for multiple CDC pipelines into standby databases can be drastically reduced. All of which makes support for this capability even more powerful.

Runtime Summary of Oracle CDC origin

If you were a fan of our original implementation of our Oracle CDC origin, you’ll be a fan of the enhanced reliability, performance and expanded support delivered in this release. Please join us in the community to explore patterns, use cases and best practices.

For even more information, please join us on April 25th, 2023 for an Enabling Reporting and Analytics With CDC From Oracle to Snowflake Webinar.

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