Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Cloud comes first in Microsoft’s .NET 7 release

This year’s .NET Conf saw the release of .NET 7, the latest release of Microsoft’s biggest and most important open source platform. Along with the underlying tooling, there are new language releases for C# and F#, as well as the cross-platform MAUI user interface framework and a new release of ASP.NET Core and Blazor for server- and client-side web application development. There’s also a major update to the Orleans distributed application development framework, with a new naming scheme that puts it in sync with .NET at last.

Microsoft and the .NET Foundation have successfully moved the platform to an annual update cadence, using open development to prioritize features and bring in community-contributed code. The transition from the Windows-only .NET Framework to .NET Core, and now to a single .NET release has given us a single cross-platform development platform, building on the work of the Mono team to add Linux and macOS support. Most importantly, a common set of base classes ensures you only need to learn them once and can use them anywhere .NET runs.

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