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Businesses realize the full value of visual data using Plainsight Vision AI on Google Cloud

Data-savvy businesses increasingly rely on images and videos for critical functions, and yet are challenged by the sheer mass of information—more than 3.2 billion images and 720,000 hours of video are created daily. This explosion in visual data has paved the way for the growth of computer vision, a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables computers to “see” the world similarly to the way people do, but with unblinking consistency, and greater accuracy. 

The transformational impact and value of computer vision solutions are significant and has been a guiding objective for companies and AI developers. And yet, even as the applications for computer vision increase dramatically, architecting and implementing vision AI solutions remain highly complex. Visual data, such as images and video, are made up of thousands of pixels of information that represent millions of different patterns and meanings, which can make interpreting even a single image overwhelming from a computational perspective.

Many organizations struggle with deployments and fail to operationalize vision AI solutions due to development delays, machine learning and data science hiring challenges, inaccurate output, a lack of integration with existing infrastructure, difficulty of use, and high cost. Plainsight, with the power of Google Cloud resources, is addressing all these challenges and helping businesses by enabling the deployment of vision AI within enterprise private networks that can be managed easily and scaled economically.

Plainsight has announced  availability of its vision AI platform on Google Cloud Marketplace. Businesses can now easily deploy end-to-end vision AI to private clouds to realize the full value of their video and other visual data for accurate, actionable insights across diverse use cases.

Delivering on the Promise of AI: Seeing What’s Hiding In Plain Sight

For organizations to integrate AI and machine learning into their businesses successfully, the technology must be powerful enough to solve real challenges, yet fast, easy, and accessible enough to ensure the innovation potential is realized. Plainsight on Google Cloud delivers the power of enterprise vision AI that’s quick and easy to use with Google Cloud resources that enable global scale, increased security, bolstered privacy, unified billing, and cost savings. 

To streamline vision AI workflows, Plainsight facilitates the entire pipeline, from visual data ingestion and annotation, through continuous model training, deployment, and monitoring for easier innovation and faster time-to-production. Our platform accelerates vision AI development in a manner that is complete, accurate, and accessible to non-technical business leaders. We believe that AI should be available and accessible to anyone and everyone—so that teams across entire organizations can reap the benefits. 

By integrating Plainsight into their private networks, companies worldwide can now leverage one intuitive platform for centralized control of streamlined vision AI model creation and training with optimized visual data handling for diverse enterprise solutions. These use cases include: social distancing monitoring, medical imaging, drug compound screening, defect detection in manufacturing processes, identifying gas leaks, or even livestock counting and crop health monitoring for agriculture, to name a few.

We enable customers so they can create successful solutions that enable them to clearly see their business from all angles and to take advantage of the knowledge visual data can reveal by simply and quickly operationalizing practical vision AI applications.

AI-Powered Dataset Creation, Automated Model Training & Easy Deployment Without A Single Line Of Code 

For vision AI applications, success is inextricably dependent on the quality and quantity of the datasets required to train the relevant models. To aid enterprises in this vital stage, the Plainsight platform provides built-in data annotation for the fast and easy creation of datasets. This includes AI-powered features that accelerate the speed and quality of labeling such as SmartPoly, for the automated polygon masking of objects, TrackForward, to predict and automatically label objects from frame to frame in video annotations, and AutoLabel for automated object recognition and labeling based on pre-trained machine learning models, to highlight a few.

In addition, to ensure the success of AI integration, we significantly reduce time-intensive processes with Plainsight vision AI’s automated machine learning with continuous model training and easy deployment capabilities. In just a few clicks, users can leverage optimizations for the most reliable model training without endless experimentation cycles. And, models are easily deployed at scale all within one, easy-to-manage model operationalization process for the business.

Growing With Google Cloud

Plainsight is a vision AI innovation leader, developing solutions that address unmet needs for challenger brands and Fortune 500s across vertical markets. As a team recognized for succeeding where others have failed, our expanding partnership with Google Cloud provides a powerful combination that helps customers see and activate the value of their visual data with a suite of services in a secure and private manner.

Our vision AI Platform simplifies building and operationalizing AI to solve business problems enterprises are facing every day—and the demand is increasing. To accelerate our  journey to faster, more accessible AI for enterprises, we knew we needed strong support to grow Plainsight and scale our backend tools to match our vision. 

Google Cloud delivered everything, and more, in one program. The Startup Program by Google Cloud provided the technology and services for scale and the support we needed to maximize the value the Program provided us. The Startup Program has been a springboard for architecting  Plainsight vision AI in the cloud, accelerating our goals and optimizing innovation, efficiency, and growth. The team also helped us optimize Google Ads campaigns, fueling adoption of Plainsight. 

After launching the SaaS version of Plainsight Data Annotation in November 2020, we grew our user base by nearly 110x in just three short months. Google Ads has also dramatically increased website traffic, growing new users by nearly 5.75X and page views by over 5X. The Google team helped us identify where Google Cloud offerings could be leveraged instead of developing in-house solutions and offered best practices that enabled us to deliver faster on our initiatives. 

Kubernetes was already the underlying component of our platform and leveraging Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) as a managed service removed a layer of complexity. By combining GKE and Anthos, we were able to standardize our deployments, aligning to how our customers leverage Anthos for enterprise applications in their own organizations. In addition, as a fast-moving, customer-centric company we use Google Workspace to help us centralize and manage our day-to-day work internally. By leveraging multiple products across Google’s ecosystem, we take advantage of a holistic partnership that has helped our business tremendously as we scale. 

Leveraging Google’s Partners for Strategic Consultation

To facilitate this expansion of our partnership with Google and to maximize our use of Google Cloud services, we are working with DoiT International, a Google Managed Services Provider and 2020 Global Reseller Partner of the Year. DoiT provides us with ongoing technical consultation for cloud-native architecture, Google Cloud Marketplace integration, production-grade Kubernetes support, Google Cloud cost optimization, and technical support. The DoiT team has been invaluable in compiling best practices, tips, and strategies from their vast experience with various cloud customers to ease our Marketplace integration and is providing input for infrastructure strategy to support our continued rapid growth.

Plainsight Delivers Enterprise Vision AI Through The Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

Plainsight vision AI is now available to Google Cloud Customers on Google Cloud Marketplace enabling organizations across industries to deploy private Plainsight instances within their own environments. Marketplace customers will benefit from Google Cloud privacy, security, scalability and unified billing through their Google Cloud account.  

Combining the powerful benefits provided by Google Cloud resources with Plainsight’s vision AI Platform into private networks, enterprises worldwide can now leverage one intuitive platform for centralized control of streamlined vision AI model creation and training with optimized visual data handling for diverse enterprise solutions. 

Through our Google partnership, we’re able to leverage a powerful foundation that allows us to rapidly innovate, scale and accelerate delivery on our vision AI platform capabilities. By executing on our vision to make AI easier, faster and more accessible for all users across entire enterprises, we’re helping businesses see more and by seeing more, they’ll have the power to solve more.  

If you want to learn more about how Google Cloud can help your startup, visit our page here where you can apply for our Startup Program, and sign up for our monthly startup newsletter to get a peek at our community activities, digital events, special offers, and more.

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