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Architecting with Google Cloud

Last year we kicked off the Architecting with Google Cloud series and we are thrilled that it has received such positive feedback from you all. Now that we have quite the collection, we’ve brought them all together into one place, for easy access and enjoyment. 

Presenting the Architecting with Google Cloud page

This page gives you access to all of the videos we’ve created in the series including: 

How does Uber scale to millions of concurrent requests? 

Explore how Uber’s planet scale architectureserves millions of concurrent requests for rides while keeping costs under control. Also, learn how they migrated a large scale database to Cloud Spanner with no downtime.

How to migrate a data warehouse to Big Query

How does one migrate an on-premise data warehouse to BigQuery? Especially, if you are dealing with a large amount of data (PB scale). Checkout this architecture to learn how Independence Blue Cross executed this migration. 

How does Pokemon Go Scale to millions of requests?

Millions of people are playing Pokémon GO, but did you know how the game’s backend architecture scales to support that traffic? Learn how it scales data analytics using Cloud Spanner, BigQuery, Dataflow, and Pub/Sub.

How to build a virtual employment center on Google Workspace

Learn how the state of Rhode Island modernized their workforce development operations leveraging Google Cloud, GKE, BigQuery and Google Workspace.

Thank you for supporting and interacting with the different videos in the series and letting us know what use cases you want to see! Your feedback helps us continue to grow and better our content.

Next steps

For more Google Cloud use cases and best practices, check out the developer centerand the playlist. We are eager to hear your feedback on these resources and your ideas for similar content that will help make your learning journey a little bit easier. Share it with us on Twitter or LinkedIn @pvergadia.

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