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Announcing Assured Workloads for Israel in Preview

In October, we announced the opening of a new Google Cloud region in Israel. The region, me-west1, joins our global network of cloud regions delivering high-performance, low-latency access to cloud services for customers of all sizes and across industries. 

As we support customers in this new region, we want to help provide the confidence that when you use our services, you can have control, transparency, and are able to support your compliance and residency requirements. Today, at the Israel Cloud Summit, we are excited to announce the public Preview of Assured Workloads for Israel to help address these needs.

Assured Workloads is a Google Cloud service that helps customers create and maintain controlled environments that accelerate running secure and compliant workloads, including helping enforcement of data residency, administrative and personnel controls, and managing encryption keys.

The Preview of Assured Workloads for Israel provides:

Data residency in our Israel Cloud region

Cryptographic control over data, including customer-managed encryption keys. Data encrypted with keys stored within a region can only be decrypted in that region

Service usage restrictions to centrally administer which Google Cloud products are available within the Assured Workloads environment 

Before Assured Workloads, customers had to manually define, create, and monitor control requirements across their environments. Customers had to continually audit environments to ensure that controls were not altered, bypassed, or tampered. Concerns remained about missed controls or new projects created outside the maintained compliance boundary. Assured Workloads can help address these concerns by automating the deployment, enforcement, and monitoring of key controls and can be configured in just a few clicks. Here’s how:

Configuring Assured Workloads for Israel

Assured Workloads functions at the folder level of an organization, allowing for specific controls to be applied to and enforced selectively for cloud workloads with and to help support compliance requirements. The first step in creating an Assured Workloads folder is to choose where data will be stored:

Selecting the Israel option provides access to the the Israel Regions and Support control, which allows customers to restrict storage of their data to the Israel region:

Controls are applied at the folder level, allowing you to apply them selectively, only for workloads where they are needed. Any subfolders and projects within the folder that is created will inherit the defined controls.

Take the next step

The public preview of Assured Workloads for Israel is now open. Interested customers can fill out the Assured Workloads for Israel preview access form. You can also read about Assured Workloads in our documentation and learn more by watching our Assured Workloads video walkthrough series.

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