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All signs point to Chrome OS for kiosks and signage

Here’s your sign. Customers and employees want to be delighted, and delivering those experiences is key. You may be wondering how to create these premium experiences, and you may have even tried to no avail in the past. Deploying kiosks and digital signage are two ways to help users with information, transactions, and more, but the route to delight hasn’t been so straightforward. Many solutions create more IT overhead, increase security risks, and are prone to instability. 

Chrome OS alleviates these problems with an end-to-end solution for kiosks and digital signage. Whether you’re deploying menu boards, check-in kiosks, or anything in between, we’ve got your back – and the platform for it. With Chrome OS, you can:

Reduce maintenance with a modern, reliable operating system
Ensure system and data security with zero reported ransomware attacks
Monitor, control, and manage devices remotelyDeploy validated kiosk & signage solutions

And to further lead you toward modern experiences, we’re announcing some new tools:

Kiosk & Signage Upgrade, an affordable kiosk and signage management license for Chrome OS devices
New Chrome OS Flex certified devices great for kiosk & signage
A new Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution track for kiosk & signage

Introducing Kiosk & Signage Upgrade: Everything you need to remotely manage your devices

To guide you through the trials and tribulations of device management, we’re pleased to announce Kiosk & Signage Upgrade, a management license which – you guessed it – has everything your business needs to manage kiosk and signage devices running Chrome OS. Kiosk & Signage Upgrade will start at $25 per year, per device, and offer:

Comprehensive Security: Prevent data theft and attacks by remotely disabling or wiping devices that have been lost or stolen. Place devices in persistent enrollment, ensuring they are always enrolled in management, even if factory reset.

Simple Remote Management:Simplify management of your organization’s device fleet with the easy-to-use, cloud-based Google Admin Console. Easily configure devices to boot directly into a kiosk or signage app, setup device policies, and access fleet insights.

Scalable Device Monitoring and Controls: Monitor the health and status of Chrome OS devices and get useful device reports to ensure devices are running smoothly. Remotely take screenshots, control, and monitor devices to quickly resolve issues and guarantee stability through Chrome Remote Desktop.

IT admin support: Contact Google for Chrome OS troubleshooting assistance with 24/7 support.

Kiosk & Signage Upgrade will be rolling out soon and will be available to order directly from Google or through our partners.

Install Chrome OS Flex on purpose-built devices or deploy new Chrome OS devices

We get it, you may have already invested in devices to delight your users, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. You can install Chrome OS Flex on purpose-built kiosk & signage devices or install on devices you’ve already deployed to get the benefits of Chrome OS. It’s easy to deploy and we’re actively certifying devices that meet the needs of kiosk and digital signage. We also have a variety of Chromeboxes, Chromebases, and Chromebooks great for kiosk & signage. Check out our device selectors to help you choose the best Chrome OS device for your use case or try Chrome OS Flex early access today.

Announcing 9 Google validated solutions to help you find your way

Providing a great experience isn’t just about the operating system running your kiosks and signage. It also requires content management services that make it easy to display valuable content across all of your devices. To ensure customers have access to solutions that are optimized for Chrome OS devices, we’re thrilled to announce the Kiosk and Digital Signage solution track and 9 new Chrome Enterprise Recommended solutions, including Arreya, Appspace, Comeen, MeldCX, Signagelive, StratosMedia, Trison, UPshow, and WAND Digital. These solution providers have worked directly with Google to ensure their content management services meet the high technical bar set by Google’s partner engineers, extending their product’s functionality, quality and security on Chrome OS.

We were looking for a digital signage platform to communicate updates to employees across our offices. Chrome OS and Comeen Play were a natural choice. Our IT department has been able to easily deploy and remotely manage this integrated solution, and our corporate communication team has been able to display updates to employees on more than 550 screens worldwide. Alan Riou
International Digital Communications Manager, Veolia

Get started today with an end to end solution for your kiosks and digital signage

When you invest in Chrome OS, you don’t just get an operating system, you get an end-to-end solution. Chrome OS delivers a fully-integrated kiosk and digital signage solution with a wide range of devices, validated Chrome Enterprise Recommended partners, and remote management capabilities that are sure to delight customers and employees alike.

To learn more, don’t miss Chrome Enterprise Demo Day to hear how Chrome OS and our partners offer a modern kiosk & signage solution, try out early access to Chrome OS Flex on your devices, or contact us to get connected with a partner or our sales team.

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